4 Healthy Mouth Watering Sweets And Snacks For This Diwali You Can Make It At Home


Diwali or Deepavali is our biggest festival. It is celebrated for 5 days. Each community have their own stories associated with Diwali. According to Hindu legends, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana from his 14 years exile … Read the rest

Geographical Indication (GI) Tagged Teas of India


India is homeland to finest varieties of tea in the world. The four varieties of tea is grown in India. Darjeeling tea- the finest, Kangra tea, Assam Orthodox tea also called as breakfast tea and Nilgiris Tea. Darjeeling tea … Read the rest

10 Small South Indian Towns Famous for Their Local Products


When you think about South India or you are planing to settle down in South India, what comes to your mind first? It is probably Idly Dosa and coconut chutney or Mangalore style Fish curry or Coorgy Pandhi curry … Read the rest

Indian Traditions…How can your Diwali be different


India and its Culture:

India’s rich culture and diversified traditions need no introduction! What with each tradition creating its own artistic materials and food varieties, you can find something unique after every 30 kms, so to speak.

For example, … Read the rest

The Organic Life: How to Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Apartment


Living a lifestyle that is healthy for you and the environment is organic living. The term “organic” has several definitions, and many people are still confused by it. As for foods, organic means foodstuff that did not go through … Read the rest