About Us

About Us

About Us:  Nativebag is an E commerce market place registered in Bangalore, India.  It is started with the sole purpose of supplying best quality Indian native products such as rare artifacts, paintings, ethnic wear, homemade items, organic, natural, and herbal products at fair and competitive price.

How nativebag originated?

The genesis of idea came out when two IT guys who lived and worked in the US for several years, they missed their favourite native flavors. They roamed around the US Streets in search of Indian food but unfortunately their taste buds didn’t accept that fusion food.  When they returned back to the country, they can clearly see that the native items are getting into extinction. There is no guarantee the furture generation will see the native specialities which we atleast hear about. Hence they decided decided to start a market place exclusively for Indian Native products.

Now we have vouched to introduce these native products easily accesible to the people. We wish to also connect our people staying millions of kilometers and oceans beyond with this great nation and its specialties. We strive to bring Indian tradition to the world’s view, we love to explore and preserve native, cultural and traditional aura of the country. We strive to make change in the life of artisans, traders, craftsmen by directly connecting them to the global customers. Thus, Nativebag is connecting Indian nativity to the world!

We believe in customer satisfaction. If you have any suggestion feedback/questions, please feel free to write to us at contactus@nativebag.com

Our Team

TEAM : No IIT/IIM/MIT graduates; Engineering graduates from ordinary institutions but with extraordinary passion to excel and contribute to the nation and its citizens.
All of you are part of this team. Anybody can help in this venture as this is similar to crowdsourcing websites. Please get in touch to know how you can help.